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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

BAGUIO ONLINE POLL SURVEY RESULT: Farinas, Molintas, Yangot leads.

The recently concluded survey polls conducted by watwatworld. com shows that the citizens of Baguio City are silently participating. The online votes from November 2009 to January 30, 2010 counts to almost 6400 making it a highly participated survey.

As I have been saying since the very start of the survey, the result is not conclusive so as to say that it is already the election outcome. However, this result will show the possible preference of the “silent” voters especially those whom I call as new generation of intelligent and online voters.

I have been making posts and articles about online participation of the “new generation of intelligent voters” since 2007. Three years ago, I participated in online forums and posts supporting the candidacy of Senator Trillanes who as we all know lacks campaign funds. Bloggers were posting stories silently supporting him. At the end of the day, the “pushing” of ideas to vote for Trillanes was carried over by the readers to their homes, shared it to their family members and unexpectedly, to the loud cries of the rich and powerful candidates, Senator Trillanes was born. It seems that the voting public supports the underdog and not necessarily the opposition.

Today, majority of the voters are most likely to be influenced not by popularity of the candidate but by common thought which was influenced but what they believe, see and hear. Regardless of the billions spent on commercial, print and TV ads by politicians, the voters will still vote according to their conscience.

The new battleground of political candidates is not on the streets or in TV or Radio stations because in this generation, majority of the voters prefer to use their time surfing the internet than listening to the commercial ads of the politicians. One example would be the newly registered voters counting to millions. This generation of voters spend their time researching, chatting, watching, reading, playing or watching porn online rather than watching TV. Facebook alone can confirm this trend.

Some readers of my posts argue that political influence online is only a small portion of the voting public. They say that not all areas have internet access and many provinces and cultures still practice the traditional money making politics. I have to disagree. Even if the internet access is not available in some areas, still the voters nowadays are more involved and thinking independently from the usual practice. This came about because most of the “elders” whose words are laws are now slowly fading away. Simply put, everybody wants change.

Going back to the online poll survey result for Baguio City, again I emphasize that the result is NOT conclusive for a win but a mere preference of those who voted. The May 2010 election will still determine the winners.

The result are as follows: Online Poll Survey from November 2009 to January 30, 2010

Total votes: 2290

1. Barcelo, Ruben Liwanag – (55 votes) 2%
2. Busacay-Lazo, Erlinda Adan – (64 votes) 2%
3. Domogan, Mauricio Gambao – (922 votes) 40%
4. Go, Marquez Ocampo – “Mark” – (238 votes) 10%
5. Hernandez, Guillermo – (77 votes) 3%
6. Labo, Ramon Lozano – (98 votes) 4%
7. Mandapat, Julius Javier –92 votes) 4%
8. Molintas, Jose Mencio – (1526 votes) 66%
9. Puzon, Peter Dulay – (62 votes) 2%
10. Sembrano, Elaine Dominguez – (109 votes) 4%

Total votes: 1213

1. Domalsin, Carol Rosado – (105 votes) 8%
2. Farinas, Danilo Tesaluna – (613 votes) 50%
3. Olowan, Faustino Atiwag – (514 votes) 42%

Total votes: 6377

1. Avila, Edgar Mendoza – (31 votes) 0%
2. Balisong, Rocky Thomas Aseilan – (706 votes) 11%
3. Bautista, Reinaldo Jr. Asperin – (200 votes) 3%
4. Bello III, Dwight Nicolas Advincula – (17 votes) 0%
5. Quilala, Rabindranath Pablo – (16 votes) 0%
6. Ramos, Felipe Tribonaldo – (75 votes) 1%
7. Vergara, Bernardo Mangacang – (2148 votes) 33%
8. Yangot, Leandro Jr. Bagto – (3761 votes) 58%
9. Yaranon, Baraulio Dacanay- (39 votes) 0%

Please visit  the website www.cordillerapolitics.blogspot.com until February 14, 2010 to see actual results. A new poll survey for Baguio City will start on February 05, 2010 – March 25, 2010 from the congressional candidates down to the city councilors. To participate on the Baguio City poll survey please check www.baguiopolitics.blogspot.com

Read the earlier posts to see the previous results.


Monday, January 25, 2010


by: humarri, www.watwatworld.com

With the upcoming 2010 elections,  the supporters of the three candidates for governor in Benguet are already making noises as to who is the better choice. The trilogy battle is between incumbent Governor Nestor Fongwan, Congressman Samuel Dangwa and former Governor Raul Molintas. Benguet politics is known as traditional and elderly based because the Kankanaeys and the Ibalois choose their leaders according to their ethnic affiliation. However, this practice is slowly changing because first, the elders are also slowly fading away and second, the freedom of expression and technology among the younger voters is affecting the ethnic affiliation of voting for a candidate.

Today, the fate of a Benguet politician is not entirely in the hands of the elders although the respect for their
choices remains. I am excited to see how these three “heavygats” battle each other out since each one of them is already considered by their supporters as governor.  Among the three, it seems incumbent Gov. Nestor Fongwan leads the pack because of his recent media exposure during typhoon pepeng and ondoy where he was branded again as the action man of Benguet.

As for Congressman Samuel Dangwa, unless he exposes himself and his achievements to the public as a legislator, he will be known as Halsema developer. Former Gov. Raul Molintas has yet to be beaten when running as a governor.Sad thing though is that many of the voters are not aware of their achievements, projects, programs, policies and plans. All we know is that they are “heavygats” and we have to choose one of them. As the world of technology advances just like their age, they should also fit in and use their millions to float whatever their plans are for the Province of Benguet especially for the new generation of voters who are tech savvy and information hungry.

Before, politicians butcher pigs and chickens to please the vote of the elders and their children. Today, politicians will still have to butcher pigs and chicken for the elders and the crowd and they will also have to
please the new generation of voters who are educated, thinking, and politically aware with the information they need to hear. Simply said, it is not the elders or ethnic  affiliation who will determine the winning vote in today’s generation.

In my opinion, if there is a someone who is younger, outspoken and youthful, he or she will win as Governor by the new generation of voters following the Trillanes and Escudero style.


 by: humarri, www.watwatworld.com

I wish that there will be more flowers than tarpaulins, leaflets and flyers of political candidates.

I wish that the festival will not be polluted by  senseless violence .

I wish that the contestants and participants who lovingly prepared for the parade will be appreciated more   than the showbiz personalities and politicians accompanying them.

I wish that the garbage problem will be controlled.

I wish that the parks will maintain their cleanliness.

I wish that children will not be exploited in the programs to facilitate a hidden agenda.

I wish that flowers will really bloom around the city.

I wish that traffic will be controlled all over the city.

I wish that thieves,  robbers and criminals will be caught.

I wish that the Session Road in bloom will not turn into a free for all products for sale.

I wish that Burnham park, Athletic Bowl and Rose garden will not be filled  with tents and campers.

I wish that selling of liquor to minors will be stopped.

I wish that sex, pot, and rock and rolling in Session road will not happen.

I wish that the so called religious people unite instead of throwing biblical punches against each other.

I wish that candies will be given for free to the kids.

I wish that the entire city will become a wifi zone.

I wish that all concerned citizens of Baguio city will wear a Red shirt on the day of the street festival parade to
show that they are aware of what is happening in Baguio city and to show that the Panagbenga festival is for the people and not the politicians.

I wish that there will be a free hugs clinic.

I wish that  the so called gangs be controlled by the Police if they can… if they can.

I wish that the shawarma sauce will be delicious suited for a shawarma and not just water and garlic powder.

I wish that there will be a free brewed coffee station provided by the city government since they claim that Baguio city provides the best coffee in the world.

I wish that there will be no express MOA and midnight deals on the part of the city officials while the people are enjoying the festival.

I wish that the cemented tree in Session road be replaced with a true pine tree seedling that everyone would like to see as it grows through the years.

I wish that it will not rain and if it will, only the politicians with hidden agenda will get wet.

I wish to see Manny Villar, Gibo Teodoro, Noynoy  Aquino, Dick Gordon, Erap Estrada and Eddie Villanueva wearing ONLY a BAHAG and nothing more on the street parade and whoever has the balls to do it will get a great future in Baguio and Cordillera .

I wish that no child below three feet regardless of age be a part of the street parade.

I wish that the budget for the fireworks display be divided into three and 1/3 of it be used as subsidiary fund for the indigenous who need immediate hospital care.

I wish to see no drunk policeman.

I wish to see more women police officers.

I wish that you join our Facebook group watwatworld forum.

I wish that the kubrador of jueteng will not be hard to find to ask for the result.

I wish that Globe, Smart and Suncell will provide a one day free load stations all over the city.

I wish that firetrucks will be deployed near the market and around the parks.

I wish that Burnham park will be properly lighted and guarded at night.

I wish that this 2010 Panagbenga festival will be the best festival ever.

I wish that visitors will go home with a big smile on their faces.

I wish that Bombo Radio will share this wish on air.

I wish that Facebookers will share this wish together with their wishes to all their friends  who are lovers of

Baguio city and the Panagbenga Flower Festival.

I wish you will add your wish below….

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"MANDU IN BAGUIO - The Rise Of Crimes"


As an employee, every cent of our salary is important and every "investment" coming from that salary gives us a feeling of achievement no matter how small that investment is. In my case, I bought a digital camera early last year which I used almost everyday. We used it during the Christmas season, New year, reunions, gatherings, meetings etc. It contained almost a thousand pictures and videos. A collection that can never be replaced because my hard earned digital camera got lost inside an SLU bound Aurora Hill jeepney, last Friday.

On that day, I cannot believe how stupid I am not to notice that my digicam is being stolen. I partly blame the 5 boxes of yema I was delivering to my brother since both my hands were holding the boxes in front of my lap. For what I can remember, the person sitting beside me is thin and tall wearing a jacket with red color and has a big backpack bag in his lap. He is my primary suspect because he kept moving near me every time a passenger enters. My gulay! If you see me in person I am a big, fat man with long beard... a typical kontrabida in a movie but this did not scare the criminal.. alas!

My frustration reached my family and friends and they all have their own story to tell about the rising events of theft and robbery. I became aware that the Aurorahill, Trancoville and La Trinidad jeepneys are the favorite hang-outs of these criminals. They prey on unsuspecting students, elders and those with too much to carry. Accordingly, the criminals are already well known in the market area so they switched to running jeepneys. At a sari-sari store, my friend jokingly said "aga, anusam ta ubla da iman di" but I was quick to counter and said it is hard to point fingers because Baguio city, as I see it now, is populated more by lowlanders.

With the upcoming Baguio City Flower Festival, all residents, students, tourists etc should be warned and be on alert. This is a bountiful event for criminals.

Hint: ALLEGEDLY there is a mall located near the public market where stolen cellphones and tech gadgets are being sold directly by the criminals to passersby.

Friday, January 15, 2010

January 15 Poll Survey: Yangot, Molintas, Olowan leading

After almost a month of vacation, watwatworld is back! Let me start my blog with the latest result of the online poll survey we are conducting. I have spoken to some politicians, lawyers, followers and supporters about the poll survey of watwatworld.com and just like in most cases, their opinions vary depending on how they are affected by the survey. Let me put it this way... if you gather 100 bright and intelligent lawyers in one room and ask their opinion on a certain legal issue, you will get 100 different opinions unless it is favorable to some. It is simply hard to please everybody.

Some traditional politicians and supporters dismiss online surveys as irrelevant and useless but they are dead wrong. There is a NEW sector of voters clustered on the freedom of technology. They are not as loudmouth as politicians or their supporters but they actively participate in the end results. One good example is the issue against the alleged MOA selling the Baguio Athletic Bowl to the Koreans. When journalist Pigeon Lobien made a post (article online) discussing the Athletic Bowl issue in Facebook, in less than a week, thousands of Baguio "onliners" commented and actively participated in forwarding the information to the Filipino people all over the world. And so with too much "online" pressure, the Baguio politicians who had something to do with the issue are now washing their hands. This "silent" online sector even helped in making a Senator in the last 2007 elections by the person of Sen. Trillanes.

However, relevant as it may be, this poll survey does not determine the end results. It will surely vary and differ on the day of the election. To give chance to the other candidates who are running behind the survey, watwatworld will end this current survey at by January 30 and a new poll survey will be created for February until March.

Watwatworld will also entertain political candidates who would like to be featured in the blog. Here, you can present your programs, ideas, and achievements. This will create your online presence faster and wider. Watwatworld has established its niche particularly Baguio City and the Cordillera Region with almost a thousand blog visitors per day. You can present yourself to a targeted audience. First come, first serve.

Below is the latest poll survey result as of January 15, 2010.


1. Barcelo, Ruben Liwanag – “Ben” – INDEPENDENT
2. Busacay-Lazo, Erlinda Adan – “Erlinda Weir” – INDEPENDENT
3. Domogan, Mauricio Gambao – “Morris” – LAKAS-KAMPI CMD - 38%
4. Go, Marquez Ocampo – “Mark” – PWERSA NG MASANG PILIPINO (PMP) - 3%
5. Hernandez, Guillermo – “Willie” – INDEPENDENT
6. Labo, Ramon Lozano – “Jun” – INDEPENDENT - 1%
7. Mandapat, Julius Javier – “Butch” – INDEPENDENT
8. Molintas, Jose Mencio – “Joe” – LIBERAL PARTY (LP) - 56%
9. Puzon, Peter Dulay – “Terminator” – INDEPENDENT
10. Sembrano, Elaine Dominguez – “Kabsat” = INDEPENDENT - 1%


1. Domalsin, Carol Rosado – ” ” – LABAN NG DEMOKRATIKONG PILIPINO (LDP) - 16%
2. Farinas, Danilo Tesaluna – “Danny” – NACIONALISTA PARTY (NP) - 36%
3. Olowan, Faustino Atiwag – “Ulo” – LP & PHILIPPINE DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST PARTY (PDSP) - 50%


   1. Avila, Edgar Mendoza – “Ed” – PMP - 1%
   2. Balisong, Rocky Thomas Aseilan = “Rocky” – NP - 28%
   3. Bautista, Reinaldo Jr. Asperin – “Peter Rey” – INDEPENDENT - 3%
   4. Bello III, Dwight Nicolas Advincula – “Ike-Kimat” – INDEPENDENT
   5. Quilala, Rabindranath Pablo – “Kabagis Abet” – PDP-LABAN
   6. Ramos, Felipe Tribonaldo – “Felipe” – INDEPENDENT
   7. Vergara, Bernardo Mangacang – “Bernie” – LAKAS-KAMPI - 9%
   8. Yangot, Leandro Jr. Bagto – ” ” – LP - 57%
   9. Yaranon, Baraulio Dacanay – “Raul” – LDP - 2% 


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Gibo leading in nationals. Yangot, Molintas, Olowan leads Baguio Poll Survey.

With more than a hundred respondents from the online generation and after 10 days of having this online poll survey. Here are the initial results as of December 20, 2009.

For President:
Noynoy Aquino: 42%
JC Delos Reyes: 1%
Erap Estrada: 10%
Nicanor Perlas: 1%
Gibo Teodoro: 39%
Eddie Villanueva: 4%
Manny Villar: 6%
Jamby Madrigal: 0%
Richard Gordon: 5%

In Baguio City, the election fever is felt as much as the Christmas season. Having hundreds of online readers and followers, WatWatWorld came with this initial poll survey result for Baguio City:

Next and final poll survey result will be on December 31, 2009. 

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Baguio Poll Survey Update. Yangot, Domogan and Olowan leading...

Since the poll survey started four days ago, the survey is picking up and the votes are coming. Again, let me emphasize that this poll survey conducted by watwatworld is not conclusive to say that it is the end result of the Baguio 2010 local elections. The main idea is to see the preference of the "new generation of online voters" by simply clicking on their desired politician. This will also show that there are a lot of politically active and aware internet users.

Suffice to say that online activity is part of today's political area of battle. As you have seen, organizations, political groups, associations and volunteers groups are sprouting like beans in social networking sites such as Facebook, Friendster and  Twitter. With this simple poll survey, we will see how many users are active in online voting.

The results below came from www.cordillerapolitics.blogspot.com - a secondary blog of www.watwatworld.com, it maybe early to release this initial result but we have to start somewhere. So here it goes:

For Baguio City Congressman:
Edgar Avila -18%
Rocky Balisong - 25%
Reinaldo Bautista - 14%
Bernardo Vergara - 7%
Leandro Yangot - 33%

For Baguio City Mayor:
Mauricio Domogan - 52%
Ramon Labo - 5%
Jose Molintas - 47%

For Baguio City Vice Mayor
Carol Domalsin - 1%

Danilo Farinas - 41%

Faustino Olowan - 58% 

One thing that politicians should always remember, the old days of campaign strategies are slowly fading and sad to say only one practice will always remain and that is vote buying in any manner. 

From the very first day I started blogging, I always addressed the voters as "the new generation of active and intelligent voters" and "the new generation of online voters". We can see this happening and we can give thanks to the advancement of technology where information, ideas, news etc is shared faster and wider than the regular newspaper. There are two major events where I could equate the my quotes above. First is the unexpected winning of Senator Trillanes. He had no money to campaign, no machinery to use, he was in a detention cell but the people voted or him. The are thinking intelligently for him and and acted on it and so he won. In fact, in the present Senate, I can say that Senator Trillanes is the only candidate who really won because of the people. Second is the ouster of former President Erap Estrada. It is admitted that the online generation made an impact by texting, blogging, posting in social networks etc. There was "meeting of the minds" online and soon it was spilled over to the streets. This is reality ladies and gentlemen. The old days and old ways are changing.

And so I say... watwatworld! watwatworld! watwatworld!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Baguio City Election Candidates 2010, Active Poll Survey. Vote Now!

In this article is the list of Baguio City candidates for the 2010 local elections. Also, we would like to see how active and aware are the Baguio people are when it comes to politicians. There is a Poll Survey on the left side of this page. It will be a great help if you will actively participate and vote for your candidate.

Also, please visit our new forum www.watwatworld.com/forum , register for free and join the discussion.

Below is the complete list of candidates:

Para Mayor ti Baguio:

1. Barcelo, Ruben Liwanag – “Ben” – INDEPENDENT
2. Busacay-Lazo, Erlinda Adan – “Erlinda Weir” – INDEPENDENT
3. Domogan, Mauricio Gambao – “Morris” – LAKAS-KAMPI CMD
4. Go, Marquez Ocampo – “Mark” – PWERSA NG MASANG PILIPINO (PMP)
5. Hernandez, Guillermo – “Willie” – INDEPENDENT
6. Labo, Ramon Lozano – “Jun” – INDEPENDENT
7. Mandapat, Julius Javier – “Butch” – INDEPENDENT
8. Molintas, Jose Mencio – “Joe” – LIBERAL PARTY (LP)
9. Puzon, Peter Dulay – “Terminator” – INDEPENDENT
10. Sembrano, Elaine Dominguez – “Kabsat” = INDEPENDENT

Para Bise-Mayor ti Baguio:

1. Domalsin, Carol Rosado – ” ” – LABAN NG DEMOKRATIKONG PILIPINO (LDP)
2. Farinas, Danilo Tesaluna – “Danny” – NACIONALISTA PARTY (NP)

Para Congressman ti Baguio:

   1. Avila, Edgar Mendoza – “Ed” – PMP
   2. Balisong, Rocky Thomas Aseilan = “Rocky” – NP
   3. Bautista, Reinaldo Jr. Asperin – “Peter Rey” – INDEPENDENT
   4. Bello III, Dwight Nicolas Advincula – “Ike-Kimat” – INDEPENDENT
   5. Quilala, Rabindranath Pablo – “Kabagis Abet” – PDP-LABAN
   6. Ramos, Felipe Tribonaldo – “Felipe” – INDEPENDENT
   7. Vergara, Bernardo Mangacang – “Bernie” – LAKAS-KAMPI
   8. Yangot, Leandro Jr. Bagto – ” ” – LP
   9. Yaranon, Baraulio Dacanay – “Raul” – LDP 

Majority of the above named individuals are old faces in Baguio Politics. Only a few are first time candidates. Lets see how they will do when the time comes.

Friday, November 13, 2009

The Baguio Garbage Problem

Recently, I posted this question: Can we still consider Baguio City as the Summer Capital Of the Philippines despite the current garbage crisis? The post received a lot of replies and some of them are shown below. Indeed, the garbage problem skyrocketed and the city government is having a hard time fixing this problem. Also, the city mayor is having a hard time convincing the city councilors over a proposed solution and the latter having no definite alternative. People in our beloved city are suffering because of these politicians. Their undecisiveness costs our city its pride and glory as the country's foremost summer capital. Here are some of the comments: 

"in terms of its cool climate, yes. but in terms of as the cleanest summer capital... no." - dzu

"Yes!But not that clean" - bernard
"yes,but if there are other places to choose from or more deserving and better thn baguio's conditon ryt now it's a no.." - emanon
"Baguio was declared as summer capital of the Philippines because of its colorful flowers, beautiful parks, mountain breeze, cleanliness (way back), etc. one can no longer feel the essence of residing on the “summer capital of the Philippines” if our place pictures wastes along the side roads and canals. We see trash bins everywhere; we just have to discipline ourselves." - arnz
"the new summer capital is Nueva vizcaya.. that's the billboard you see when you enter the province via the Bokod-Vizcaya road... Green trees, cool air... TOTOONG PINE TREE.. HINDI cemento.. aNYWAY, PATAPOS NA TERM NI bOYSCOUT MAYOR bAUTISTA, Bakit wala siyang will power to remove that Cement Pine tree up session road?" -paul elle
"i'm afraid to say this but i think we're at risk of losing that title..there's this one tv show i watch b4 and it was mention there that baguio is no longer considred as th summer capital to some..a survey was condcted and all the participant was askd where they want to spend ther vacation or would like to go, most of them answered boracay..only ... few answered baguio..and basing on the no. of tourist who visit the place, boracay's tourist is greater than baguio..so as the black eyed peas say, wat we gonna do with all that junk?" -emanon
"Garbage capital of the Philippines maybe. Lolz" - ble
"Nope Baguio don't seem to be the summer capital already due to over population and garbage....its hot there during summer also... I guess the next Summer capital would be the Town near my Hometown which is Barlig a lot of Pine trees and cool weather and fresh water...hehehehehe" -lance
"Let us continue to pray for wisdom be upon our gov't officials from the mayor to the brgy level to unite their minds to come up with a permanent solution concerning our garbage problem.Meanwhile,As citizens of Baguio,i believe we can be a solution to the garbage crisis if we seriously practice proper segregation and recycling or our own garbage.Let's declare and claim that Baguio is still the Summer Capital of the Philippines!..Matagotago tako am-in ay i-Baguio!" - weng
"me thinks, pine trees do not make a 'summer capital'. neither would garbage unmake a summer capital.
The better questions each one should ask him/herself is: Have i done my part planting or preserving the trees and the environment? Do i dispose off my garbage properly or just throw them anywhere? my 2 cents..". -brian

"brian ur definitely ryt, d problem s within us.we lack discipline..however, i disagree with ur statemnt dat grbage would not unmake a summer capital coz it does in my opinion..i thnk the core of the title summer capital is cleanliness which is one thing that we failed to maintain in baguio..hopefully we will gain it back in the near future... i'm hoping also that other places in cordillera or other part of the philippines which is still innocent about the effect of industrialization will not suffer the same consequences..by the way i'm not against industrializtion,jejejeje.." - emanon
"If Baguio is still cleaner than the rest I guess there is no choice, it will remain as summer capital- uray no awan ti danum ken public toilets." - mikhael
"i say,, Yes of course..i LOVE
Baguio...Baguio will never be baguio without garbage.. it has been a
long time issue we seldom talked about it before. also, garbagecomes in
so different ways like car plans,
ma...lversation of public funds, for official use also cars, amamok ni...
mayor, padlik ni councilor, uray ni major boating ken nisarhento, am
amok metlang ni judge, ken ni prosecutor, pulis ak!, dagakdayta naka
patakderan balay u, kuwak amin daggita, ibotos dak manen taagkurakut
ak,and so many more,, oh name it, its all up there.. to be objective? we
have to ask tousists who tour around philippine islands to compare if
baguio really is the summer capital...hehehe... camsur,palawan and
others are catching up. if they only have a cool weather,baguio will be
left behind....garbage i think is a universal fact, garbage management is up to us." - jester

"this is the kind of question we ask when we screw up in choosing our leaders hehehe i guess the voters share the blame.... but yes, it still is as the garbage crisis may still be over shadowed by the climate. Although, its another story if Sagada becomes a city..Baguio, watch out!" - chris
"in my opinion it would be better f baguio and tabuk and other f there r any will be the only city in cordillera..pls. don't push sgada to be a city..kaasi lng ti umili..ngumato lng ti cost of living and only those on the government will hve the advantage coz their salary will increase..and i don' think that we want those beautifl scenery in sagada ...b ruined..look at sm, i'm not sure but i think they r not paying tax to the city of baguio coz its a corporation..they're paying their tax to the main branch which i believe is quezon city.." - emanon
"i'd still like to believe that baguio is the summer capital of the phil. in reality though, the city has lost the charm its once had many years ago.the place is too polluted and overpopulated that most tourists would rather go somewhre else than baguio. it's sad but true." - maridon
These comments came from the citizens of Baguio. Fact is,we cannot deny that Baguio city indeed has a garbage problem. Our city politicians know the problem and yes there are some proposed solutions. The problem arises when vested interest comes in. It is alleged that even the proposed garbage solutions has some sort of "money making scheme" depending on who and how the garbage collection will be carried out.
At the end of the day, the Baguioans suffer.

Photo from Jackcarino.multiply.com

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Baguio City Today

There has been a heated debate in my Facebook post regarding my previous comment on Muslim Demographics in Baguio City. It was rational discussion at first then it became personal. Both parties have their points to ponder, valid arguments, but the the name calling came below the waist. It's good they ended the argument silently. Simply stating, the point on this recent post is simple. If you are a visitor in an old neighborhood, observe the rules, obey the law, respect the elders and originals. Blend in and live simple. Do not use force under the cloak of religious affiliation to get what you want.

On another issue, it seems that the garbage problem of Baguio City is growing to a large scale. A friend who just visited our city came back full of dismay. He said he has seen the worst of Baguio and would rather visit the Ilocos or Pangasinan region for summer. I, in defense of Baguio, tried my best to comfort him and told that by summer, it will be a different Baguio city. Wishful thinking.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Muslims Secretly Conquering Baguio and the Cordilerras?

The MUSLIM DEMOGRAPHICS VIDEO BELOW was uploaded on youtube months ago. I did not see its relevance and easily dismissed it as a hoax or over kill. It was discussed overly across the internet and in the western parts of the world. However, with the rising issues involving the muslims conquering the streets of Baguio city and the rest of the Cordillera region, I think this video has some sense to share and discuss. Also, I've heard of stories where the original settlers and natives of Baguio City are being harassed by these new settlers especially when it comes to selling space. Locals who were originally selling goods and vegetables in the streets, rented small booths and sidewalks were displaced by these new settlers using force and intimidation under the cover of their religion. I have nothing against their religious practices, but I despise the harassment and show of force that they are doing to the original Baguio residents. I'm sure you have heard or experienced some of these issues in one way or another. Time will come, there will be no more Igorots or originals in Baguio city. Most likely we will be new servants of the new settlers.
Another sad thing is the laxity of some politicians running the city. Some of them are to be blamed for the upsurge of new settlers because they welcomed them with open arms and even encouraged them to stay for good. In addition, stories running around coffee shops about the politicians being "bought" to serve as  "protectors"  to these new settlers. A clear indication of sloppiness when it comes to standing out for the real Baguioans. Their self interest is overwhelming in favor of elections.
As for the so called Christians... many of the younger generation are somewhat disappointed because some of their priests, pastors, ministers, brothers etc are so busy debating on who has the better faith and interpretation of the holy bible or criticizing each others practice or belief. Time will come that when they will look over their shoulders, all they can see are themselves and an empty church because most of their believers have converted to another religion.
Also, having too many religious organizations in one faith is actually causing more trouble to a family or clan or tribe than these priests, pastors or ministers can imagine. There was this story where a clan that was close to each other eventually hated each other. Reason? Each family accepted different religious organization. In one reunion, the food was prepared on the table and it was time to eat. The trouble began on a simple quest... who will lead the prayer? Just imagine all the Christian organizations present and the host is a Catholic. When the host started to make the sign of the cross, one said he will instead lead the prayer then another said they will lead the prayer, another said it is not their practice to pray every mealtime, another said their pastor is better than their pastor, then one belittled the priests then one said their minister has a good meal prayer, sigh... YOU BE THE JUDGE. While Christians and Catholics fight over the flocks on who has the better interpretation and practice of the holy bible, other religions such as Islam,  Atheism and Scientology are advancing in a scale no one has ever imagined possible.

Here is the ever famous video:

MUSLIM DEMOGRAPHICS (10,936,639 views)

Whether we like it or not, the political leaders of Baguio city are the proper authorities to solve this issue, so put your vote in good use. Otherwise, there is a possibility that Cordillerans will bring back the old practices to protect themselves, their livelihood and their land.

The Muslim, Catholic, and Chinese challenges

The Muslim, Catholic, and Chinese challenges

Slowly but surely, the local Muslim community has grown to unexpected proportions in a city high up in the hills, with the nearest body of water several miles away.

Muslims are supposed to be a coastal people, diving for fish or riches in the ocean deep, or, for the criminal of mind, engaging in piracy, raiding helpless towns, and robbing honest traders plying the surface of the sea.

* * * * * * * * * *

No one really knows when and what made them merchants of the soil, selling all kinds of wares from sunglasses to DVDs, and before that, branded rubber footwear like Adidas and Nike, not exactly made in Switzerland or Germany.

The joke is that articles for sale by Muslims come cheap because of their questionable origin.

When the cell phone business became a booming industry, the Muslims were practically the first to benefit, knowing where to scour for cheap but fancy-looking mobiles that were later sold for twice their actual value, with outlandish claims of being imported but smuggled.

* * * * * * * * * *

They also quickly learned how to do repair work, charging fees for loose wirings that need only to be tightened, or replacing a missing screw, making it appear that it involved intricate work by telling you to come back hours later or the next day.

To the consternation of the police, not a few cell phone dealers were soon engaged in the fencing business, buying cheap and selling high, since it is almost impossible to trace a stolen cell phone by simply substituting a new SIM.

* * * * * * * * * *

And as the Muslim community grew in number and affluence, so, too, did they become bolder, acting as a mob when a member is threatened even with legal arrest.

In one celebrated city incident, about 50 Muslims faced off with the Baguio police, who were greatly outnumbered and forced to call for back up. Occurrences like these are not healthy for a peaceful and law-abiding city like Baguio, whose citizens, alas, are united in purpose but not of action.

* * * * * * * * * *

This is true not only in politics, but also in the battle against crime or evil.

Oh, Baguio folks will march against Jadewell and for peace and order, but would not dare stand up against a group aching or looking for a fight.

Their biggest fear is that politics as practiced in the northern provinces will soon contaminate the city.

In fact, I am rather perturbed that certain politicians who continue to suffer defeat at the polls election after election are proposing that the only way to beat Domogan is to “take him out.”

* * * * * * * * * *

What, replace a “perceived evil” as seen from the eyes of the blind, with a real one? I hope those desperados are only joking.

And yet to some extent, and I do not refer to Domogan, the only way to fight fire is with fire itself. I mean, who are the people taking Baguio away from us? Who are the carpetbaggers from north and south of the city?

Well, if you do not fight back, be prepared to become slaves in the place of your birth.

* * * * * * * * * *

Long before the invaders from the lowlands came to Baguio, the Chinese community was already in place, but preferred, to borrow the words of a magazine writer, “to assimilate and integrate, rather than dominate.”

Unhappily, one can not say the same of (their) Mainland China, whose economy is said to have overtaken all other industrialized countries except the United States and Japan, and judging from the weather signs, may have visions to take over as world leader in case the United States and Europe falter.

But with all the problems facing these God-forsaken islands, this is of little concern to us, especially since we are treated as beggars anyway by the present world powers.

* * * * * * * * * *

China may be treading that path, but better a fellow Asian than the Caucasians, who have this irritating notion that color of skin signifies superiority.

But racing in that same direction are the Muslim countries, said to be scheming to bring the world to its knees by means of annihilation, and although there appears to be no sinister link between this ambition and terrorism, it is thru this means, planned or otherwise, that could lead to that end—an Islam earth.

* * * * * * * * * *

And while these are happening, the Catholic Church, unless a miracle similar to Fatima happens, appears to be losing its grip over its flock, who seem keen in moving over to other religions, if only to resurrect their badly battered belief and faith in God.

Except perhaps for the nuns, there is a silent but angry perception that Rome’s messengers are interested in more mundane things rather than spreading the Gospel of the Lord.

A priest enjoying the perks of life—dining, wining, driving around, sometimes with a woman in tow— certainly does not sit well with the ordinary parishioner, since men of the cloak are deemed to be literally servants of heaven.

* * * * * * * * * *

There is nothing also Christian about the way Catholic-owned schools treat their employees and students, exacting high tuition fees and paying low wages. Whoever said that tyranny went out with the Spanish friars was dead wrong.

So today we have a choice between becoming a Muslim or a communist, while the apostles of the church busy themselves accumulating worldly possessions instead of saving the souls of the faithful.

Why, even the running priest is a politician in disguise, and the bishops use their power to have their prot├ęgees appointed to choice government positions.

Power does not only come out of the barrel of a gun, but in a democracy, even more so from the mouths of those who preach sacrifice and goodness.

Like they say, “hindi ko naman linalahat, kaya lang….yun na nga.” Condemn them Lord, for they know what they do. Amen. 
Article by: Benny Carantes
Title: Opposite Connection
Publisher: Baguio Midland Courier, 
October 25, 2009
Credits are due to the author and publisher above.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Locked in Lepanto; world politics

Locked in Lepanto; world politics

Either the world has learned from us, or maybe the kind of politics that we practice here was originally the world’s all along, since it is more the quid pro quo or “you scratch my back and I will scratch yours” kind of thing.

Take US President Barack Obama, for example. He and his wife, Michelle, traveled nearly halfway around the globe to persuade the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to hold the 2016 Olympics in Chicago, Illinois, Obama’s home city and state, quickly installing Chicago (to most Filipinos, Chicago’s reputation is that of a Mafia city in the ’20s and ’30s, reminiscent of bootlegging, submachine guns, and gangland killings in the days of Al Capone; also the home team of basketball great Michael Jordan) as the odds on favorite over Tokyo, Madrid, and Rio de Janeiro, with the latter city eventually getting the honor. This proved not only a disappointment, but probably also an embarrassment to the Obama couple.

Chicago, in fact, was first to be eliminated in the preliminary balloting.

* * * * * * * * * *

Anyway, guess what happens next?

In a totally unexpected turn of events, President Obama is awarded the Nobel Peace prize.

The announcement caught the White House by surprise, so that even the usually articulate Barack, who seems to have the right words for everything, was hard-pressed to come out with a statement that would neither make him look too eager or even undeserving, which is how the rest of the world feels about the latest feather in Obama’s cap.

* * * * * * * * * *

So what does this mean? First they hurt Obama’s feelings, (something of course denied by Obama proppers), and then make up for it by giving him an even bigger plum.

Personally, I feel that former US vice-president Al Gore is more deserving of the award, but that’s Gore’s luck, losing to George Bush in a presidential election under a cloud of doubt, yet conceding defeat early so as not to divide the American people.

And no one seems to remember that it was Gore who trotted the world to warn us about the effects of global warming and climate change.

Unlike Gore, statesmanship is something that Filipino politicians do not have, particularly Erap Estrada.

* * * * * * * * * *

Also hugging the international news is the Philippines, citing specifically, not only Metro Manila and the other storm-affected provinces, but also the City of Baguio itself, the reason why we keep getting calls from relatives abroad asking how we are.

I wouldn’t know exactly, since over the past two weeks I remain trapped in Lepanto, Mankayan, unable to travel because of several landslides, rendering Halsema Highway impassable.

Not that my Minda and I are surviving on camote and other root crops, but being isolated in a place away from family can be tough on the mind and heart, but thank heaven for cell phones, one gets to know how things are at home no matter the distance, although our two boys, albeit living apart from each other, say that calling up every couple of hours is plain too much parental concern.

* * * * * * * * * *

I am familiar with Little Kibungan, where a lot of people died following a huge landslide in the area caused by the heavy rains, even if it lasted for only a little over a day, but the amount of rainfall, as measured by PAGASA, was the equivalent of a month’s downpour, which explains the flooding all over.

If you motor via Tam-awan to and from La Trinidad on a regular basis, you can’t help but notice the small landslides along the way every time there’s a torrential burst from the clouds.

As our Lepanto colleague and friend, geologist Froi Conde explains it, the soil is incompetent (he quickly adds that he isn’t talking about lawyers) meaning the earth is unable to hold itself together when water seeps through, and will naturally slide or fall, more so when there are no imbedded rocks and vegetation to at least make the soil firm and stable. I hope I got that right, Froi.

Funny, but like the soil, I failed to put things together when Froi and I were introduced to each other by Lepanto senior vice-president Gus Villaluna – you know Conde, UP, geologist, great prose – right on that day I should have known it was you, Froi. Sorry.

Ah, but I was still an assistant prosecutor when we first met, and old age affects the memory.

* * * * * * * * * *

There is nothing we can do about natural disasters, and even with all the scientific advances, there is no way to avert them.

But to some extent, deaths and injuries can be avoided. The trouble is that we do not listen. People who live in low-lying or coastal areas, or in places prone to landslides, refuse to heed the warnings, but the question might well be asked—where exactly will they go?

Government must partly be blamed for this. Leave now, government cries, (lisanin nyo na ang lugar), but government does not make ready where the people will move to.

Evacuation centers crop up only after the damage is done, and the people are moved out in the course of the typhoon, or following the aftermath—a little too late, I would say.

* * * * * * * * * *

The weather bureau makes the forecast, but all the other government agencies do not coordinate with PAGASA on what steps to take before the typhoon hits.

Like loose soil, or military prosecution witnesses (a private joke), government appears to be incompetent. Similar to showbiz folks, politicians love the heroics of after-the-fact-TV exposure, postures of sympathy, with the ever “sickening,” humbling (kuno) statement, “ang sarap pala ng pakiramdam.”

Frankly, true charity is never showy, and should even be anonymous. But for showbiz, rescuing a distraught Christine Reyes is the essence of chivalry.

How sad that not too many know the names of the young man and the soldier who gave up their lives saving others. Hopefully, in time . . . 

Author: Benny Carantes
Publisher: Baguio Midland Courier
All Credits are given to the author and publisher above

No Takers Yet For Tent City.

LA TRINIDAD, Benguet -- None of Benguet’s residents have so far taken the tents set up at Benguet State University (BSU) here.
Almost 20 shelter boxes have been set up between the strawberry farm and the BSU marketing center as of late Monday afternoon. But no family seems to want to live there.
BSU information officer Jennyline S. Tabangcura said families are yet to be identified and talks on permanent relocation for the homeless are underway.
A lot owned by the BSU is being eyed to become the site of permanent residences for over 350 people rendered homeless by Typhoon Pepeng.
Benguet Governor Nestor Fongwan said the priority is to set up permanent structures for the homeless as people are having second thoughts in living in a tent city.
Through the Rotary Club International, ShelterBox is an international disaster relief charity that gives emergency shelter, warmth and dignity to people affected by disaster worldwide.
The boxes were set up over the weekend.
In the meantime, nine centers are still accommodating those who have nowhere to go while private families have taken in people they can accommodate.
The Puguis Elementary School, National Irrigation Administration compound, the church of the Nazarene, Veterans building, Girls Scouts of the Philippines, Garden City, Holy Angel Church and the Assembly of God Church still play host to hundreds of displaced families.
Fongwan said talks are ongoing to provide shelter and the city is finding a way to acquire materials needed for the homes.
The tents can accommodate five persons, while provisions for kitchen, bathrooms and shower are yet to be set up.

The tent city is one of the temporary solutions for those rendered homeless by the typhoon.
Fongwan said 35 houses were destroyed by the typhoon in this highland town, leaving hundreds homeless.

Title: No Takers Yet For Tent City.
Author:Ma. Elena Catajan
Publisher: Sunstar Baguio. www.sunstar.com.ph
All Credits for this article is given to the author and publisher above.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Baguio politicians getting ready for 2010 battle

Baguio City is now on the trend set of politicking in preparation for the 2010 elections. Politicians attend funerals, birthdays, ceremonies, anniversaries, graduations, etc etc. etc. just to get attention. Some politicians allegedly even bring with them paid media practitioners to report their every move.