Thursday, November 5, 2009

Baguio City Today

There has been a heated debate in my Facebook post regarding my previous comment on Muslim Demographics in Baguio City. It was rational discussion at first then it became personal. Both parties have their points to ponder, valid arguments, but the the name calling came below the waist. It's good they ended the argument silently. Simply stating, the point on this recent post is simple. If you are a visitor in an old neighborhood, observe the rules, obey the law, respect the elders and originals. Blend in and live simple. Do not use force under the cloak of religious affiliation to get what you want.

On another issue, it seems that the garbage problem of Baguio City is growing to a large scale. A friend who just visited our city came back full of dismay. He said he has seen the worst of Baguio and would rather visit the Ilocos or Pangasinan region for summer. I, in defense of Baguio, tried my best to comfort him and told that by summer, it will be a different Baguio city. Wishful thinking.

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