Thursday, December 10, 2009

Baguio Poll Survey Update. Yangot, Domogan and Olowan leading...

Since the poll survey started four days ago, the survey is picking up and the votes are coming. Again, let me emphasize that this poll survey conducted by watwatworld is not conclusive to say that it is the end result of the Baguio 2010 local elections. The main idea is to see the preference of the "new generation of online voters" by simply clicking on their desired politician. This will also show that there are a lot of politically active and aware internet users.

Suffice to say that online activity is part of today's political area of battle. As you have seen, organizations, political groups, associations and volunteers groups are sprouting like beans in social networking sites such as Facebook, Friendster and  Twitter. With this simple poll survey, we will see how many users are active in online voting.

The results below came from - a secondary blog of, it maybe early to release this initial result but we have to start somewhere. So here it goes:

For Baguio City Congressman:
Edgar Avila -18%
Rocky Balisong - 25%
Reinaldo Bautista - 14%
Bernardo Vergara - 7%
Leandro Yangot - 33%

For Baguio City Mayor:
Mauricio Domogan - 52%
Ramon Labo - 5%
Jose Molintas - 47%

For Baguio City Vice Mayor
Carol Domalsin - 1%

Danilo Farinas - 41%

Faustino Olowan - 58% 

One thing that politicians should always remember, the old days of campaign strategies are slowly fading and sad to say only one practice will always remain and that is vote buying in any manner. 

From the very first day I started blogging, I always addressed the voters as "the new generation of active and intelligent voters" and "the new generation of online voters". We can see this happening and we can give thanks to the advancement of technology where information, ideas, news etc is shared faster and wider than the regular newspaper. There are two major events where I could equate the my quotes above. First is the unexpected winning of Senator Trillanes. He had no money to campaign, no machinery to use, he was in a detention cell but the people voted or him. The are thinking intelligently for him and and acted on it and so he won. In fact, in the present Senate, I can say that Senator Trillanes is the only candidate who really won because of the people. Second is the ouster of former President Erap Estrada. It is admitted that the online generation made an impact by texting, blogging, posting in social networks etc. There was "meeting of the minds" online and soon it was spilled over to the streets. This is reality ladies and gentlemen. The old days and old ways are changing.

And so I say... watwatworld! watwatworld! watwatworld!

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  1. Not so much a reliable source for survey.Bear in mind that not all voters got the timefor internet.I guess 15 % only.But it's fun.