Monday, January 25, 2010


by: humarri,

With the upcoming 2010 elections,  the supporters of the three candidates for governor in Benguet are already making noises as to who is the better choice. The trilogy battle is between incumbent Governor Nestor Fongwan, Congressman Samuel Dangwa and former Governor Raul Molintas. Benguet politics is known as traditional and elderly based because the Kankanaeys and the Ibalois choose their leaders according to their ethnic affiliation. However, this practice is slowly changing because first, the elders are also slowly fading away and second, the freedom of expression and technology among the younger voters is affecting the ethnic affiliation of voting for a candidate.

Today, the fate of a Benguet politician is not entirely in the hands of the elders although the respect for their
choices remains. I am excited to see how these three “heavygats” battle each other out since each one of them is already considered by their supporters as governor.  Among the three, it seems incumbent Gov. Nestor Fongwan leads the pack because of his recent media exposure during typhoon pepeng and ondoy where he was branded again as the action man of Benguet.

As for Congressman Samuel Dangwa, unless he exposes himself and his achievements to the public as a legislator, he will be known as Halsema developer. Former Gov. Raul Molintas has yet to be beaten when running as a governor.Sad thing though is that many of the voters are not aware of their achievements, projects, programs, policies and plans. All we know is that they are “heavygats” and we have to choose one of them. As the world of technology advances just like their age, they should also fit in and use their millions to float whatever their plans are for the Province of Benguet especially for the new generation of voters who are tech savvy and information hungry.

Before, politicians butcher pigs and chickens to please the vote of the elders and their children. Today, politicians will still have to butcher pigs and chicken for the elders and the crowd and they will also have to
please the new generation of voters who are educated, thinking, and politically aware with the information they need to hear. Simply said, it is not the elders or ethnic  affiliation who will determine the winning vote in today’s generation.

In my opinion, if there is a someone who is younger, outspoken and youthful, he or she will win as Governor by the new generation of voters following the Trillanes and Escudero style.

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