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BAGUIO ONLINE POLL SURVEY RESULT: Farinas, Molintas, Yangot leads.

The recently concluded survey polls conducted by watwatworld. com shows that the citizens of Baguio City are silently participating. The online votes from November 2009 to January 30, 2010 counts to almost 6400 making it a highly participated survey.

As I have been saying since the very start of the survey, the result is not conclusive so as to say that it is already the election outcome. However, this result will show the possible preference of the “silent” voters especially those whom I call as new generation of intelligent and online voters.

I have been making posts and articles about online participation of the “new generation of intelligent voters” since 2007. Three years ago, I participated in online forums and posts supporting the candidacy of Senator Trillanes who as we all know lacks campaign funds. Bloggers were posting stories silently supporting him. At the end of the day, the “pushing” of ideas to vote for Trillanes was carried over by the readers to their homes, shared it to their family members and unexpectedly, to the loud cries of the rich and powerful candidates, Senator Trillanes was born. It seems that the voting public supports the underdog and not necessarily the opposition.

Today, majority of the voters are most likely to be influenced not by popularity of the candidate but by common thought which was influenced but what they believe, see and hear. Regardless of the billions spent on commercial, print and TV ads by politicians, the voters will still vote according to their conscience.

The new battleground of political candidates is not on the streets or in TV or Radio stations because in this generation, majority of the voters prefer to use their time surfing the internet than listening to the commercial ads of the politicians. One example would be the newly registered voters counting to millions. This generation of voters spend their time researching, chatting, watching, reading, playing or watching porn online rather than watching TV. Facebook alone can confirm this trend.

Some readers of my posts argue that political influence online is only a small portion of the voting public. They say that not all areas have internet access and many provinces and cultures still practice the traditional money making politics. I have to disagree. Even if the internet access is not available in some areas, still the voters nowadays are more involved and thinking independently from the usual practice. This came about because most of the “elders” whose words are laws are now slowly fading away. Simply put, everybody wants change.

Going back to the online poll survey result for Baguio City, again I emphasize that the result is NOT conclusive for a win but a mere preference of those who voted. The May 2010 election will still determine the winners.

The result are as follows: Online Poll Survey from November 2009 to January 30, 2010

Total votes: 2290

1. Barcelo, Ruben Liwanag – (55 votes) 2%
2. Busacay-Lazo, Erlinda Adan – (64 votes) 2%
3. Domogan, Mauricio Gambao – (922 votes) 40%
4. Go, Marquez Ocampo – “Mark” – (238 votes) 10%
5. Hernandez, Guillermo – (77 votes) 3%
6. Labo, Ramon Lozano – (98 votes) 4%
7. Mandapat, Julius Javier –92 votes) 4%
8. Molintas, Jose Mencio – (1526 votes) 66%
9. Puzon, Peter Dulay – (62 votes) 2%
10. Sembrano, Elaine Dominguez – (109 votes) 4%

Total votes: 1213

1. Domalsin, Carol Rosado – (105 votes) 8%
2. Farinas, Danilo Tesaluna – (613 votes) 50%
3. Olowan, Faustino Atiwag – (514 votes) 42%

Total votes: 6377

1. Avila, Edgar Mendoza – (31 votes) 0%
2. Balisong, Rocky Thomas Aseilan – (706 votes) 11%
3. Bautista, Reinaldo Jr. Asperin – (200 votes) 3%
4. Bello III, Dwight Nicolas Advincula – (17 votes) 0%
5. Quilala, Rabindranath Pablo – (16 votes) 0%
6. Ramos, Felipe Tribonaldo – (75 votes) 1%
7. Vergara, Bernardo Mangacang – (2148 votes) 33%
8. Yangot, Leandro Jr. Bagto – (3761 votes) 58%
9. Yaranon, Baraulio Dacanay- (39 votes) 0%

Please visit  the website until February 14, 2010 to see actual results. A new poll survey for Baguio City will start on February 05, 2010 – March 25, 2010 from the congressional candidates down to the city councilors. To participate on the Baguio City poll survey please check

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  1. why was domogan highlighted when the votes for molintas were higher?