Monday, January 25, 2010


 by: humarri,

I wish that there will be more flowers than tarpaulins, leaflets and flyers of political candidates.

I wish that the festival will not be polluted by  senseless violence .

I wish that the contestants and participants who lovingly prepared for the parade will be appreciated more   than the showbiz personalities and politicians accompanying them.

I wish that the garbage problem will be controlled.

I wish that the parks will maintain their cleanliness.

I wish that children will not be exploited in the programs to facilitate a hidden agenda.

I wish that flowers will really bloom around the city.

I wish that traffic will be controlled all over the city.

I wish that thieves,  robbers and criminals will be caught.

I wish that the Session Road in bloom will not turn into a free for all products for sale.

I wish that Burnham park, Athletic Bowl and Rose garden will not be filled  with tents and campers.

I wish that selling of liquor to minors will be stopped.

I wish that sex, pot, and rock and rolling in Session road will not happen.

I wish that the so called religious people unite instead of throwing biblical punches against each other.

I wish that candies will be given for free to the kids.

I wish that the entire city will become a wifi zone.

I wish that all concerned citizens of Baguio city will wear a Red shirt on the day of the street festival parade to
show that they are aware of what is happening in Baguio city and to show that the Panagbenga festival is for the people and not the politicians.

I wish that there will be a free hugs clinic.

I wish that  the so called gangs be controlled by the Police if they can… if they can.

I wish that the shawarma sauce will be delicious suited for a shawarma and not just water and garlic powder.

I wish that there will be a free brewed coffee station provided by the city government since they claim that Baguio city provides the best coffee in the world.

I wish that there will be no express MOA and midnight deals on the part of the city officials while the people are enjoying the festival.

I wish that the cemented tree in Session road be replaced with a true pine tree seedling that everyone would like to see as it grows through the years.

I wish that it will not rain and if it will, only the politicians with hidden agenda will get wet.

I wish to see Manny Villar, Gibo Teodoro, Noynoy  Aquino, Dick Gordon, Erap Estrada and Eddie Villanueva wearing ONLY a BAHAG and nothing more on the street parade and whoever has the balls to do it will get a great future in Baguio and Cordillera .

I wish that no child below three feet regardless of age be a part of the street parade.

I wish that the budget for the fireworks display be divided into three and 1/3 of it be used as subsidiary fund for the indigenous who need immediate hospital care.

I wish to see no drunk policeman.

I wish to see more women police officers.

I wish that you join our Facebook group watwatworld forum.

I wish that the kubrador of jueteng will not be hard to find to ask for the result.

I wish that Globe, Smart and Suncell will provide a one day free load stations all over the city.

I wish that firetrucks will be deployed near the market and around the parks.

I wish that Burnham park will be properly lighted and guarded at night.

I wish that this 2010 Panagbenga festival will be the best festival ever.

I wish that visitors will go home with a big smile on their faces.

I wish that Bombo Radio will share this wish on air.

I wish that Facebookers will share this wish together with their wishes to all their friends  who are lovers of

Baguio city and the Panagbenga Flower Festival.

I wish you will add your wish below….

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