Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"MANDU IN BAGUIO - The Rise Of Crimes"


As an employee, every cent of our salary is important and every "investment" coming from that salary gives us a feeling of achievement no matter how small that investment is. In my case, I bought a digital camera early last year which I used almost everyday. We used it during the Christmas season, New year, reunions, gatherings, meetings etc. It contained almost a thousand pictures and videos. A collection that can never be replaced because my hard earned digital camera got lost inside an SLU bound Aurora Hill jeepney, last Friday.

On that day, I cannot believe how stupid I am not to notice that my digicam is being stolen. I partly blame the 5 boxes of yema I was delivering to my brother since both my hands were holding the boxes in front of my lap. For what I can remember, the person sitting beside me is thin and tall wearing a jacket with red color and has a big backpack bag in his lap. He is my primary suspect because he kept moving near me every time a passenger enters. My gulay! If you see me in person I am a big, fat man with long beard... a typical kontrabida in a movie but this did not scare the criminal.. alas!

My frustration reached my family and friends and they all have their own story to tell about the rising events of theft and robbery. I became aware that the Aurorahill, Trancoville and La Trinidad jeepneys are the favorite hang-outs of these criminals. They prey on unsuspecting students, elders and those with too much to carry. Accordingly, the criminals are already well known in the market area so they switched to running jeepneys. At a sari-sari store, my friend jokingly said "aga, anusam ta ubla da iman di" but I was quick to counter and said it is hard to point fingers because Baguio city, as I see it now, is populated more by lowlanders.

With the upcoming Baguio City Flower Festival, all residents, students, tourists etc should be warned and be on alert. This is a bountiful event for criminals.

Hint: ALLEGEDLY there is a mall located near the public market where stolen cellphones and tech gadgets are being sold directly by the criminals to passersby.

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