Thursday, October 29, 2009

Muslims Secretly Conquering Baguio and the Cordilerras?

The MUSLIM DEMOGRAPHICS VIDEO BELOW was uploaded on youtube months ago. I did not see its relevance and easily dismissed it as a hoax or over kill. It was discussed overly across the internet and in the western parts of the world. However, with the rising issues involving the muslims conquering the streets of Baguio city and the rest of the Cordillera region, I think this video has some sense to share and discuss. Also, I've heard of stories where the original settlers and natives of Baguio City are being harassed by these new settlers especially when it comes to selling space. Locals who were originally selling goods and vegetables in the streets, rented small booths and sidewalks were displaced by these new settlers using force and intimidation under the cover of their religion. I have nothing against their religious practices, but I despise the harassment and show of force that they are doing to the original Baguio residents. I'm sure you have heard or experienced some of these issues in one way or another. Time will come, there will be no more Igorots or originals in Baguio city. Most likely we will be new servants of the new settlers.
Another sad thing is the laxity of some politicians running the city. Some of them are to be blamed for the upsurge of new settlers because they welcomed them with open arms and even encouraged them to stay for good. In addition, stories running around coffee shops about the politicians being "bought" to serve as  "protectors"  to these new settlers. A clear indication of sloppiness when it comes to standing out for the real Baguioans. Their self interest is overwhelming in favor of elections.
As for the so called Christians... many of the younger generation are somewhat disappointed because some of their priests, pastors, ministers, brothers etc are so busy debating on who has the better faith and interpretation of the holy bible or criticizing each others practice or belief. Time will come that when they will look over their shoulders, all they can see are themselves and an empty church because most of their believers have converted to another religion.
Also, having too many religious organizations in one faith is actually causing more trouble to a family or clan or tribe than these priests, pastors or ministers can imagine. There was this story where a clan that was close to each other eventually hated each other. Reason? Each family accepted different religious organization. In one reunion, the food was prepared on the table and it was time to eat. The trouble began on a simple quest... who will lead the prayer? Just imagine all the Christian organizations present and the host is a Catholic. When the host started to make the sign of the cross, one said he will instead lead the prayer then another said they will lead the prayer, another said it is not their practice to pray every mealtime, another said their pastor is better than their pastor, then one belittled the priests then one said their minister has a good meal prayer, sigh... YOU BE THE JUDGE. While Christians and Catholics fight over the flocks on who has the better interpretation and practice of the holy bible, other religions such as Islam,  Atheism and Scientology are advancing in a scale no one has ever imagined possible.

Here is the ever famous video:

MUSLIM DEMOGRAPHICS (10,936,639 views)

Whether we like it or not, the political leaders of Baguio city are the proper authorities to solve this issue, so put your vote in good use. Otherwise, there is a possibility that Cordillerans will bring back the old practices to protect themselves, their livelihood and their land.

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