Friday, January 15, 2010

January 15 Poll Survey: Yangot, Molintas, Olowan leading

After almost a month of vacation, watwatworld is back! Let me start my blog with the latest result of the online poll survey we are conducting. I have spoken to some politicians, lawyers, followers and supporters about the poll survey of and just like in most cases, their opinions vary depending on how they are affected by the survey. Let me put it this way... if you gather 100 bright and intelligent lawyers in one room and ask their opinion on a certain legal issue, you will get 100 different opinions unless it is favorable to some. It is simply hard to please everybody.

Some traditional politicians and supporters dismiss online surveys as irrelevant and useless but they are dead wrong. There is a NEW sector of voters clustered on the freedom of technology. They are not as loudmouth as politicians or their supporters but they actively participate in the end results. One good example is the issue against the alleged MOA selling the Baguio Athletic Bowl to the Koreans. When journalist Pigeon Lobien made a post (article online) discussing the Athletic Bowl issue in Facebook, in less than a week, thousands of Baguio "onliners" commented and actively participated in forwarding the information to the Filipino people all over the world. And so with too much "online" pressure, the Baguio politicians who had something to do with the issue are now washing their hands. This "silent" online sector even helped in making a Senator in the last 2007 elections by the person of Sen. Trillanes.

However, relevant as it may be, this poll survey does not determine the end results. It will surely vary and differ on the day of the election. To give chance to the other candidates who are running behind the survey, watwatworld will end this current survey at by January 30 and a new poll survey will be created for February until March.

Watwatworld will also entertain political candidates who would like to be featured in the blog. Here, you can present your programs, ideas, and achievements. This will create your online presence faster and wider. Watwatworld has established its niche particularly Baguio City and the Cordillera Region with almost a thousand blog visitors per day. You can present yourself to a targeted audience. First come, first serve.

Below is the latest poll survey result as of January 15, 2010.


1. Barcelo, Ruben Liwanag – “Ben” – INDEPENDENT
2. Busacay-Lazo, Erlinda Adan – “Erlinda Weir” – INDEPENDENT
3. Domogan, Mauricio Gambao – “Morris” – LAKAS-KAMPI CMD - 38%
4. Go, Marquez Ocampo – “Mark” – PWERSA NG MASANG PILIPINO (PMP) - 3%
5. Hernandez, Guillermo – “Willie” – INDEPENDENT
6. Labo, Ramon Lozano – “Jun” – INDEPENDENT - 1%
7. Mandapat, Julius Javier – “Butch” – INDEPENDENT
8. Molintas, Jose Mencio – “Joe” – LIBERAL PARTY (LP) - 56%
9. Puzon, Peter Dulay – “Terminator” – INDEPENDENT
10. Sembrano, Elaine Dominguez – “Kabsat” = INDEPENDENT - 1%


1. Domalsin, Carol Rosado – ” ” – LABAN NG DEMOKRATIKONG PILIPINO (LDP) - 16%
2. Farinas, Danilo Tesaluna – “Danny” – NACIONALISTA PARTY (NP) - 36%
3. Olowan, Faustino Atiwag – “Ulo” – LP & PHILIPPINE DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST PARTY (PDSP) - 50%


   1. Avila, Edgar Mendoza – “Ed” – PMP - 1%
   2. Balisong, Rocky Thomas Aseilan = “Rocky” – NP - 28%
   3. Bautista, Reinaldo Jr. Asperin – “Peter Rey” – INDEPENDENT - 3%
   4. Bello III, Dwight Nicolas Advincula – “Ike-Kimat” – INDEPENDENT
   5. Quilala, Rabindranath Pablo – “Kabagis Abet” – PDP-LABAN
   6. Ramos, Felipe Tribonaldo – “Felipe” – INDEPENDENT
   7. Vergara, Bernardo Mangacang – “Bernie” – LAKAS-KAMPI - 9%
   8. Yangot, Leandro Jr. Bagto – ” ” – LP - 57%
   9. Yaranon, Baraulio Dacanay – “Raul” – LDP - 2% 


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